This ain’t your daddy’s mythology. No, ma’am!

Nor is it another dusty, musty, bone-dry reiteration of the West’s tired reliance on the ancient Greek and Roman gods and goddesses.

Instead, I offer you—

sister traveler who gladly journeys into all places symbolic and mythological,

sister seeker who needs a compass that points true north for goddess realms and mythic maps,

sister storyteller who knows women’s myths are an elixir for the soul,

brother inquirer who stands in dire need of new stories and stances,

brother scout who looks for new vista viewpoints, or mountain-top musings for saner stories about maleness

—an oasis of refreshment full of deep comparative mythological waters that you can soak your mind and heart in, hearty helpings of savory, yet factual findings, and soothing feminist balm to slather on those patriarchal woundings.

Come on in!  I’m glad you’re here.