Appreciation for progress

Appreciation buoys up my spirit today as I read a news article by Donna Kakissis (found here) about the  new progressive Greek cabinet. Not because the newest Greek governing body follows the “same old-same-old” actions of only appointing men to senior positions in the cabinet.  Those actions and that situation are just part of the grey background to most news that I read.  No, appreciation for progress floated in through the article for me because:

  1.  The article is written by a woman reporter who features seven different women in this short article. Out of those, five are quoted directly or indirectly.  Women’s voices–their opinions, their expertise, and their clear observations are the focus of reactions to the new Greek administration.  Wonderful and refreshing to read!
  2. The article briefly profiles women in Greek politics as well as calling out this particular instance of the overwhelming androcentric bias in politics.
  3. It points to progress through the efforts of Greek women to reject patriarchal values and standards in the governance of their land and society.


Women of Worth3   This article represents the larger picture of women standing together, women changing our world each small step at a time, women talking to each other and becoming educated as to why and how the inequities in our patriarchal societies keep being reinforced.  Reporting this news demonstrates a strong step in helping to reframe our stories.

Coming just after the worldwide demonstrations of One Billion Rising, this article, for me, is another snapshot of women working to make a difference in our world. Additionally, I am noticing more and more news articles are coming from a woman’s or women’s perspectives. Halleluia!

What are you noticing?  What do articles like this one make you think about?  Please share.  I’d love to hear from you!


Top photo by Petros Ginniakouris/AP