Sacred Vulvas and Female History: Interview with Starr Goode

Wow! Holy Sacred Vulvas, Catwoman! It’s not even women’s history month yet, but as we know riches of women’s history are surfacing all over the place in January. Continuing on with the theme of sacred vulvas, I’m happy to offer the content of a phone … continue reading » “Sacred Vulvas and Female History: Interview with Starr Goode”

Pussy Power: Walking Our Talk

Feline, cats (catty), cougar, pussy, kitten—all slang terms used for women and girls—Meow! In the past, all of these terms (and many more) have been used to shame and denigrate women and girls, trying reduce us to some form of “animal.” Additionally, the term pussy, … continue reading » “Pussy Power: Walking Our Talk”

Gender Wage Equality Forum in Eugene, OR

vent Announcement:


The Zonta Club of Eugene-Springfield is holding their annual community Forum in honor of International Women’s Day—March 8, 2016.  As a member of this club (and the larger organization Zonta International), I wanted to let friends, fans, and community members know of … continue reading » “Gender Wage Equality Forum in Eugene, OR”

Appreciation for progress

ppreciation buoys up my spirit today as I read a news article by Donna Kakissis (found here) about the  new progressive Greek cabinet. Not because the newest Greek governing body follows the “same old-same-old” actions of only appointing men to senior positions in the cabinet.  … continue reading » “Appreciation for progress”

9 reasons why I can’t get on board with the “sacred or divine feminine.”

urrently, there’s a lot of writing and talking about the “Divine Feminine” or “Sacred Feminine.” Not just in academia, but in the popular press and blog posts. This term pops up in Jungian writings, New Age missives, Dan Brown’s novels, and even, TED talks.  These … continue reading » “9 reasons why I can’t get on board with the “sacred or divine feminine.””

MythWoman at ASWM

ttending the 2014 ASWM Conference in San Antonio was, for me, a surfeit of riches. I had the terrific opportunity to present my paper, Women, Horses, and Predators: Female Sexuality and the Wild alongside two innovative psychologists who offer equine therapy. Another huge thrill for … continue reading » “MythWoman at ASWM”

Seeing only patriarchal trees, not the forest

ounding out Women’s History Month 2014 are a couple of NPR news articles that are ultimately about patriarchy even though the word is never used. One takes another look at sexism and appropriately links it to male violence against women, while the other offers a … continue reading » “Seeing only patriarchal trees, not the forest”