“More Sexist?” or Simply Sexist?

esterday, Lourdes Garcia-Navarro, an international NPR reporter that covers South America, gives readers a well-written social commentary revolving around her question, “Which place is more sexist: the Middle East or Latin America?”











Her question arose … continue reading »

March forward yet look back

arch, being annually heralded as Women’s History Month, usually focuses on a few profiles of historical women from the masses who have been courageous, brilliant, audacious, talented, innovative, daring, plucky, passionate, and formidable throughout decades and centuries.  I applaud each and every account! Reclaiming women … continue reading »

Hearts Going Out

he weather is stormy today and I’m feeling the same. A friend sent me an email late last night about an upcoming benefit concert honoring a local young woman who was trying to leave her abusive boyfriend/husband/live-in partner. She didn’t make it. She was murdered … continue reading »

The Gift of Rita Gross

r. Rita Gross’s writings on religion, women and religion, feminism and Buddhism, and spirituality have offered me guidance, clarity, and understanding over the past several years.  When I was starting to write my dissertation, her book Feminism and Religion was immensely helpful. All of her … continue reading »

Consensual Sex

ate last fall, I attended a talk by Jaclyn Friedman given at the University of Oregon. I’m very glad I went, heard her speak, and briefly met her. I also felt like there was something important missing in her presentation.

A lively, engaging speaker who … continue reading »