Language of Patriarchy, Part 1

The language of patriarchy is distinct, unmistakable, and thus, most importantly, recognizable. Patriarchal language reveres and enshrines double-talk, spin, lies, vitriol, deceit, and deception. Patriarchal language shows itself by being itself: demeaning, debasing, hateful, angry, vulgar, ugly, racist, violent, taunting, controlling, bullying, objectifying, tyrannical, vile, … continue reading » “Language of Patriarchy, Part 1”

Stitching Together My Own Female History

o continue our mutual celebration of Women’s History month, in today’s post I’m sharing a particular portion of my own family’s female history. One pair of my great-grandparents through my mother’s line were Finnish. Another pair of great-grandparents through my father’s line were Hungarian.

In … continue reading » “Stitching Together My Own Female History”

Fairy Tales, Children & Guns

hildren’s stories and fairy tales are back in the news in both thoughtful and disturbing ways. The thoughtful news article about the differences found in British and American children’s stories is an opinion piece from The Atlantic. The disturbing news arises from the American National … continue reading » “Fairy Tales, Children & Guns”

The Hunger Games, Myth & the Minotaur

ecause The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2—the last movie installment of Suzanne Collins’ popular trilogy—is now in theaters, I want remind readers and watchers that Collins states that the basis of her novels comes from the combination of a particular ancient Greek (or Mycenaean) myth, … continue reading » “The Hunger Games, Myth & the Minotaur”

Appreciation for progress

ppreciation buoys up my spirit today as I read a news article by Donna Kakissis (found here) about the  new progressive Greek cabinet. Not because the newest Greek governing body follows the “same old-same-old” actions of only appointing men to senior positions in the cabinet.  … continue reading » “Appreciation for progress”

Public Storytelling Awards: the Oscars

he New Year is gliding right along, building up days like snowflakes on a drift, (or around here, like raindrops building up rivers).  For our American entertainment industry, the New Year always brings the Great Celebrations of the Male: football play-offs and Oscar nominations/awards ceremony. … continue reading » “Public Storytelling Awards: the Oscars”