Pussy Power: Walking Our Talk

Feline, cats (catty), cougar, pussy, kitten—all slang terms used for women and girls—Meow! In the past, all of these terms (and many more) have been used to shame and denigrate women and girls, trying reduce us to some form of “animal.” Additionally, the term pussy, … continue reading » “Pussy Power: Walking Our Talk”

Language of Patriarchy, Part 1

The language of patriarchy is distinct, unmistakable, and thus, most importantly, recognizable. Patriarchal language reveres and enshrines double-talk, spin, lies, vitriol, deceit, and deception. Patriarchal language shows itself by being itself: demeaning, debasing, hateful, angry, vulgar, ugly, racist, violent, taunting, controlling, bullying, objectifying, tyrannical, vile, … continue reading » “Language of Patriarchy, Part 1”

Women & the Climate of Our Times

Stormy times.

As I write this, Hurricane Matthew, a crystal clear sign of climate change, is off the coast of Florida after  ravaging Haiti and damaging parts of Cuba. Again and again, climate scientists declare that this type of hurricane is the “new normal.” It’s … continue reading » “Women & the Climate of Our Times”

Gender Wage Equality Forum in Eugene, OR

vent Announcement:


The Zonta Club of Eugene-Springfield is holding their annual community Forum in honor of International Women’s Day—March 8, 2016.  As a member of this club (and the larger organization Zonta International), I wanted to let friends, fans, and community members know of … continue reading » “Gender Wage Equality Forum in Eugene, OR”

Fairy Tales, Children & Guns

hildren’s stories and fairy tales are back in the news in both thoughtful and disturbing ways. The thoughtful news article about the differences found in British and American children’s stories is an opinion piece from The Atlantic. The disturbing news arises from the American National … continue reading » “Fairy Tales, Children & Guns”