The Hunger Games, Myth & the Minotaur

ecause The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2—the last movie installment of Suzanne Collins’ popular trilogy—is now in theaters, I want remind readers and watchers that Collins states that the basis of her novels comes from the combination of a particular ancient Greek (or Mycenaean) myth, … continue reading »

Getting to the bedrock of mass shootings

he latest horrible mass-murder shooting happened this past weekend at UCSB. The shooter, Elliot Rogers, offers a crystal-clear and chilling example of the way patriarchy keeps breeding misogyny and male violence. This perspective will not be one that our mass media adopts. Already, Roger’s bloody … continue reading »

Seeing only patriarchal trees, not the forest

ounding out Women’s History Month 2014 are a couple of NPR news articles that are ultimately about patriarchy even though the word is never used. One takes another look at sexism and appropriately links it to male violence against women, while the other offers a … continue reading »