Women & the Climate of Our Times

Stormy times.

As I write this, Hurricane Matthew, a crystal clear sign of climate change, is off the coast of Florida after  ravaging Haiti and damaging parts of Cuba. Again and again, climate scientists declare that this type of hurricane is the “new normal.” It’s … continue reading » “Women & the Climate of Our Times”

Minoan goddesses & women

Women’s History Month Focus: Minoan females

ontinuing the celebration of all things wonderfully female, both historically and prehistorically, the featured image is from the island of Crete. The ancient civilization of the Minoans (as we now call them) was very women centered. From archaeological finds, … continue reading » “Minoan goddesses & women”

Easter & Mary Magdalene

ary Magdalene has been on my mind for months now. This preoccupation is not typical. Even though I had a Christian upbringing, Mary Magdalene, like other biblical or New Testament figures, certainly wasn’t highlighted as someone important enough or worthy for in-depth Sunday school discussion. … continue reading » “Easter & Mary Magdalene”