Lupercalia and Valentine’s Day

Due to Valentine’s Day blogs and hashtags, a friend learned of the ancient Roman ritual of Lupercalia shared her newfound enthusiasm for it with me. Trusting’s version, this friend somewhat facetiously suggested that we might all want to reinstate Lupercalia instead of engaging in … continue reading » “Lupercalia and Valentine’s Day”

MythWoman at ASWM

ttending the 2014 ASWM Conference in San Antonio was, for me, a surfeit of riches. I had the terrific opportunity to present my paper, Women, Horses, and Predators: Female Sexuality and the Wild alongside two innovative psychologists who offer equine therapy. Another huge thrill for … continue reading » “MythWoman at ASWM”

Easter Reflections

aster 2013 has recently hopped into history. The holiday in the United States is celebrated nationwide because ostensibly it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus after his crucifixion. There are sunrise services, hymns of praise and jubilation that the holy one has risen, and the thanks … continue reading » “Easter Reflections”