Sacred Vulvas and Female History: Interview with Starr Goode

Wow! Holy Sacred Vulvas, Catwoman! It’s not even women’s history month yet, but as we know riches of women’s history are surfacing all over the place in January. Continuing on with the theme of sacred vulvas, I’m happy to offer the content of a phone … continue reading » “Sacred Vulvas and Female History: Interview with Starr Goode”

Pussy Power: Walking Our Talk

Feline, cats (catty), cougar, pussy, kitten—all slang terms used for women and girls—Meow! In the past, all of these terms (and many more) have been used to shame and denigrate women and girls, trying reduce us to some form of “animal.” Additionally, the term pussy, … continue reading » “Pussy Power: Walking Our Talk”

Easter & Mary Magdalene

ary Magdalene has been on my mind for months now. This preoccupation is not typical. Even though I had a Christian upbringing, Mary Magdalene, like other biblical or New Testament figures, certainly wasn’t highlighted as someone important enough or worthy for in-depth Sunday school discussion. … continue reading » “Easter & Mary Magdalene”

Goddess of the Moon & Sea: Amphitrite

mphitrite.  Not one of your commonly-known goddess, but deserving to be revisited and remembered all the same.  And, as you’ll see, considering that yesterday was a lunar eclipse, I thought she was a very appropriate goddess to write about today.

In ancient times, she was … continue reading » “Goddess of the Moon & Sea: Amphitrite”

The Origins of Aphrodite, Redux

recently attended a great workshop by Emily Trinkhaus, on Venus Revolution: 12 Dimensions of the Sacred Feminine. As part of the presentation, Emily mentioned that the origin myth for Aphrodite was one she has never liked or really understood. Although I can completely relate to … continue reading » “The Origins of Aphrodite, Redux”