Women & the Climate of Our Times

Stormy times.

As I write this, Hurricane Matthew, a crystal clear sign of climate change, is off the coast of Florida after  ravaging Haiti and damaging parts of Cuba. Again and again, climate scientists declare that this type of hurricane is the “new normal.” It’s … continue reading »

Stitching Together My Own Female History

o continue our mutual celebration of Women’s History month, in today’s post I’m sharing a particular portion of my own family’s female history. One pair of my great-grandparents through my mother’s line were Finnish. Another pair of great-grandparents through my father’s line were Hungarian.

In … continue reading »

Love of the World

oday, I need to post a poem about the difference that women make in the world. Sometimes, the impact comes just by having a woman present. Often a deep love of the world propels women to create change in order to reflect back the beauty … continue reading »