Goddess of the Moon & Sea: Amphitrite

mphitrite.  Not one of your commonly-known goddess, but deserving to be revisited and remembered all the same.  And, as you’ll see, considering that yesterday was a lunar eclipse, I thought she was a very appropriate goddess to write about today.

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Venus, light, and Lucy

ucy means light. Specifically, it means celestial light, the light of our brightest “star,” the planet Venus.  As the mythological and astronomical “light-bringer,” Venus in both her Morning Star and Evening Star guises is symbolically embodied in the goddess of many names:

Venus, Aphrodite, Isis, … continue reading »

Perpetuating Misinformation about Mythology

Open Letter to Ms. Amanda Foreman

ear Ms. Foreman:

I just read your article,”The Amazon Women: Is There any Truth Behind the Myth?” in the online April edition of the Smithsonian. As a mythologist, I’m surprised by the amount of errors in this article. This … continue reading »

“More Sexist?” or Simply Sexist?

esterday, Lourdes Garcia-Navarro, an international NPR reporter that covers South America, gives readers a well-written social commentary revolving around her question, “Which place is more sexist: the Middle East or Latin America?”











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