International Women’s Day 2016

March 8th is International Women’s Day, a day to truly celebrate women everywhere as well as take stock of on-going struggles. The challenges, issues, discriminations, abuses, and inequalities that women worldwide face on a daily basis are becoming more visible to all of us.  Halleluia for that!!

Our voices raised collectively to stop violence against women, to give women equal rights and wages, to  stop horrifying practices against girls such as child-brides, genital mutilation, & slave trading—to dismantle the system of patriarchy and to begin heal our collective wounds—our efforts and our voices are making a difference.

On this day of 8,

We must continue to educate, activate, elevate, and celebrate ourselves as women and girls!

We must continue to educate men and boys to eradicate sexism practices in their own lives so that they will join us to finally abdicate the systems of patriarchy.

Create change this March 8th!

Blessings to each one of you as you celebrate the wonderful, amazing, strong, resilient, brave, lion-hearted women that are in your life

My offering  that I place here with love and hope are images that both celebrate women and girls as well as call out for change.

Educate all girls

International Women's Day

Female Power=Life