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Tears & Fragrance paper

ast year, I was asked to be part of an academic panel presenting on the topic of Mary Magdalene at the 2015 Association for the Study of Women and Mythology Symposium. The other two women on the panel were in the midst of writing their … continue reading »

Cloths of Fate

y paper, Cloths of Fate:Interweavings of Finnic Goddess Embroidery with Mythology and Ancestry was presented in April 2016 at the annual regional meeting of the Pacific Northwest American Academy of Religions/Society of Biblical Literature/American Schools of Oriental Research. It is the third paper in my … continue reading »

Aloft into the Shining Skies

his is the paper that I presented in March 2015 at the annual regional meeting of the Pacific Northwest American Academy of Religions/ Society of Biblical Literature/ American Schools of Oriental Research. Thank you for your interest in this paper and in my research. This … continue reading »

The Minotaur Myth Re-examined

Cretan Cattle, Labyrinths, and Lunar Goddesses: Re-examining the Myth of the Minotaur

nitially, I alert you, the reader, to the fact that this myth in particular is packed with symbolic names or titles. In order to fully understand the symbolism of the myth, knowing the … continue reading »

Women and Horses

Here’s my latest visual presentation. It’s based on my research/presentation paper: Women, Horses, and Predators: Female Sexuality and the Wild. 

A look at the mythological connections between women and horses:

 … continue reading »