Below is a poem that I wrote some years ago.  I offer it on my website as reminder of who we are.

Ceaseless Surrendering

In this moment 
and for centuries beyond reckoning,
I eat death, breathe life, and roll creation around in my mouth like succulent honeycomb.
Oceans of rebirth swim in my eyes and, at times,

trickle down my cheeks. Dust-clouds of death powder my shoulders leaving a pale trail behind me. Wrapped round my limbs are the ecstasies of plums,                                                             the musk of redwood, and the clean juice of dawn.
I am the frond, the flame, and the fruit.
  I am the spark, the ember, the                                                   endless resonating pulse.
The snake, phoenix, and butterfly are mine, keeping me company through ebonied chasms,               along rivered plains & upon star-brushed peaks.
My head rises from silent seeds cast upon the blossomed fragrance of spring dew,                                  slick with looks that stir.
Opening, my hands gently hold the ripeness of the world’s fruited perfume. My ears ring with earth’s languid laughter.
My ankles sink into the disintegrating sands of human hubris. Above me, nebulas sing of true glory.
I am the body electric.
    I am the body magnetic.
        I am the body energetic and metaphoric.
I am you. You are this. We are all
surrender, desire, richness, ignorance, bliss, stillness.
All sunlit and dappled with death.

by Margaret Merisante © 2010 all rights reserved.