Inflammation. We are living as inflamed beings: geo-physically and politically, as well as emotionally and mentally at times. I’ve been thinking about inflammation for quite a while now.  Pondering it from psychological, mythological, and socio-cultural perspectives. And, I been investigating how my own physical self is suffering from inflammation because I came to the conclusion over a year ago that inflammation was the key cause to a plethora of ailments.

Like many people, I have had health challenges throughout my life. This has led me into being quite active in becoming ever more responsible for the state of my own health. It’s also led to numerous changes—most for the good. One of those was switching to a gluten-free diet over three years ago.  That change alone has helped my health considerably as well as my son’s. One important fact that I didn’t know then was that the gluten our American society consumes is exceptionally inflammatory.

Just about a week ago, I picked up Dr. David Perlmutter’s Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar–Your Brain’s Silent Killers. The book is primarily about the dangers and severe side-effects of gluten (especially in the modified grains grown now), and sugar (glucose sugars which include refined, the corn syrups, etc.) on your brain and body. The disorders Perlmutter has been able to trace to these dietary snipers are chilling: Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, ADHD, depression, “brain fog,” insomnia, heart problems, certain mental disturbances, skin disorders, and muscle rigidity issues among others. Additionally, for any woman who anticipates becoming pregnant or is pregnant, his findings about the influence of gluten on fetuses and infants are heart-stopping.

However, it also speaks a great deal about inflammation, one of the key immediate side-effects from ingesting gluten and sugars. Dr. Perlmutter,  a neurologist and nutritionist, provides a good deal of medical science and reasoning behind his urgent call for us to stop the rampant inflammation in our bodies that our diets (and the corporate food industry) have been creating. Personally, I really appreciate knowing more about the science of how our bodies react to and process the food we eat.

I also appreciated learning exactly how critical certain fats are to optimally support our bodies. This is something that I also had recently changed for my health—consuming much more omega-3’s—and have been delighted with the results of this simple change. Therefore, it was great to read in Grain Brain exactly why these fats are making such a difference for me.

Normally, I wouldn’t write a review about a food book here, but the evidence that Perlmutter has compiled together with the results from his medical practice are quite compelling. I have already improved my health by doing most of the things he recommends in his book, but now know the underlying reasons for the improvements as well as now understanding how I can improve my health even further.

Please read the book!  I feel it will answer a lot of people’s questions on why they are struggling with particular health issues or concerns or heading toward more serious diseases. His dietary recommendations may well prove to be the easy ounce of prevention that results in a wondrous pound of cure for you.