Shedding skins: the year of the snake

The Year of the Snake or Serpent began last year on February 9th and its reign will be over for another twelve years on January 30th. At this point, we are literally at the tail-end of Snake.

It has been a rough year for me personally, as I have had to shed many skins of identity in order to see both my past and my present self with greater clarity. Additionally, a few months ago, it became apparent that I had to shed yet another kind of skin.

This site went dark without my knowledge seemingly due to some dishonorable actions/inactions by a long-past web designer. During the process of reviving it from seeming stasis (and with a ton of help from my current amazing web designer) I found out that the bulk of the blog-posts I had written were not recoverable. Those blog-posts evidently got swept away with an old snake skin of MythWoman. And MythWoman itself had to partially re-created again.

Such a complete drag!  I was proud of several of those blog-posts and yet, I didn’t save them in any other format, so their dry husks have evidently returned to cycle through and morph into something similar, but different in the future. So, while I’ve stomped around in frustration, I am also feeling pretty blessed by my Snake year experiences.

All the tangible and intangible things that have been released from my life this past year are mainly because I couldn’t live a small little life anymore. I don’t know if any of you can relate to this, but the visceral and emotional truth of knowing I need to live a larger, fuller, richer life rang with such resonance through my whole self that I nearly keeled over. Snake wisdom!


Another confession: for most of the year, I felt like I was moving sideways rather than striding forward. And, many times, I felt like I was sliding on dry, gritty sand that sometimes seemed to have transplanted little grains into the corners of my eyes. I finally learned to accept moving sideways and to glide rather than sink. In other words, I need to learn to move through my life like a desert snake.  Another beautiful lesson of snake wisdom.

So, here at the end of the Year of the Snake, I am grateful to have shed lots of tight confining skins that were holding me back, holding me in, creating tension in my life. Learning how to move more gracefully through some unstable ground has also been quite a blessing. However, I’m also really ready for the Year of the Horse.  I can’t wait to turn on some speed, see new landscapes, and have ample room to roam.

Thank-you Year of the Snake!  Welcome Year of the Horse!