Venus, light, and Lucy

ucy means light. Specifically, it means celestial light, the light of our brightest “star,” the planet Venus.  As the mythological and astronomical “light-bringer,” Venus in both her Morning Star and Evening Star guises is symbolically embodied in the goddess of many names:

Venus, Aphrodite, Isis, … continue reading »

Seeing only patriarchal trees, not the forest

ounding out Women’s History Month 2014 are a couple of NPR news articles that are ultimately about patriarchy even though the word is never used. One takes another look at sexism and appropriately links it to male violence against women, while the other offers a … continue reading »

Consensual Sex

ate last fall, I attended a talk by Jaclyn Friedman given at the University of Oregon. I’m very glad I went, heard her speak, and briefly met her. I also felt like there was something important missing in her presentation.

A lively, engaging speaker who … continue reading »