The Problems with the Old Story

The mainstream culture of the United States (and, correspondingly, most of the world) follows the Old Story. Why? Because, human beings are hardwired to live by story. Why this Old Story that features war, control, and death (among other elements)? Because it serves and reinforces patriarchy, the very social system that thrives on those things. Because we have nearly forgotten the Real Story that refutes nearly everything the Old Story promotes.

As many of you know, I feel that recognizing what the Old Story is requires us to be familiar with the common elements it contains.  Once we’re familiar with these tired worn-out, destructive elements that constitute nearly all the variations of the Old Story, the easier it is to decide that’s not the Story we want to live with and by anymore. We just have to open that door of possibility that we can and must live by and with better stories.

Here’s my basic infographic on the Old Story that might be helpful to share with others.  Or use for yourself!  Thank-you all for everything you do that makes our world so wonderful.  Cheers!