Women’s History Month 2016

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Celebrate the gains women and girls have made—over centuries, and even last year! We are making history! Feminism is making a crucial difference in the world and for individual women and girls. More and more, I see American society waking up to the cruelties of patriarchy with its blatant sexism, unrelenting racism, and insidious classism.

While Donald Trump may be one of the most prominent American faces of patriarchy, he certainly isn’t the only one!  However, patriarchy’s poster boy is certainly out-of-step with the rising tide of feminist awareness. As an example, I offer a small sampling just from The Atlantic that shows reporting on sexism is big news.

In XY Bias, Ed Yong describes the ongoing sexism evident in fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). He quotes Sarah Eddy, the co-author of a new study tracking this bias, as saying

We know there are strong unconscious biases equating science to males. They’re just there in the [patriarchal] air.”

Their Year in Review, by Li Zhou, highlights the biggest stories in gender inequality ranging from Hollywood, to UPS, to the tech industry.

And finally, Adrienne LaFrance looks at Gender Bias in the News, both in his own reporting and journalism in general—a sobering, but hopeful read.

Our cultural stories, our American mythology, are starting to shake off the patriarchal shackles, starting to wake up from the nightmare of patriarchal dreamings.  May we all continue to wake up!  I leave you with a terrific quote from Letty Pogrebin, founding editor of Ms. magazine.

Letty C Pogrebin quote – Version 2

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2 thoughts on “Women’s History Month 2016

  1. Thank you for continuing to post on important feminist and patriarchal topics!!

    To add to the Gender Bias topic. Joan C Williams just posted a What Works for Women at Work lecture series on Lean In. She outlines four patterns of bias that working women need to be aware of. An interesting statistic, at the current rate of social change, it would take over 250 years to have the same number of male and female CEOs in Fortune 500 companies (and the same is true in other fields). We need to continue to educate and empower women in order to speed up this rate of change.


    1. Thank-you Kelly for your positive feedback! I really appreciate the additional information you’ve provided to help promote more awareness and insight for all women. Wonderful to have you, your comments, and insights on my site. Happy Women’s History Month!!

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